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What Interior Design Style Best Matches Your Tastes?

While there are many different decorating and design styles out there, and some can come and go with time (Think Mid-century modern in the 50s, Shabby Chic in the 90s) the three most widely recognized and relatable styles are Transitional, Traditional and Modern.

Not sure which one best suits your tastes? Read on below for a few tips for identifying what interior design style you most relate to.


Easily the most popular choice, Transitional interiors borrow elements from other décor styles and blend them into something that is clean and fresh. Many newer homes feature this style, with lighter grey tones, white kitchens and a classic subway tile. Small pops of colour may be used throughout, although these are typically more muted in tone. ‘Coastal’ is another term that is often associated with Transitional interiors. This is also a great choice for a new home build, as it appeals to the widest range of tastes.

If you lean towards clean lines, light soothing colours and simple interiors – this style is for you.


Traditional styles tend to get a bad rap, as it conjures up images of stuffy old homes with floral wallpaper and heavy drapery. This is simply not true! This style is one for the ages, as it leans more towards classic and is constantly reinvented ever so slightly to remain relevant. Traditional interiors focus on slightly more ornate details and luxurious textures. These also tend to have darker wood tones, mixed with bronze & gold accents. A fun new twist on traditional interiors is the popular Farmhouse – Elements of wood plank walls, dark rustic hardwood and aged bronze lighting are all reminiscent of the more traditional style.

If you love dark and light contrast and antique shopping on the weekends – you may have met your match!


Often associated with cold, concrete spaces – Modern is a term that can be slightly misunderstood. These spaces can be fun, bold and relaxing…just like their counterparts. Bright white walls, overscale furniture and décor and pops of colour define a style that is clean and crisp. With society moving toward living more simply and paring down to the essentials, modern style is one that will best reflect this way of living.

Do you love uncluttered, simple and reflective spaces?! You might be a modernist at heart.

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