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Spring Cleaning Made Simple

Doing a deep clean of the house from top to bottom can be a little daunting to some. How will I find the time…where do even I start…why can’t the house just clean itself? If this sounds familiar, read on for a few simple tips to help make this season’s spring cleaning the most efficient and easiest yet!

Top to Bottom:

Have you ever cleaned the floors, only to clean your lights and countertops to then notice dust and crumbs all over your freshly washed floors? Not cool. Working your way from the top of the house AND room is key.

Start with dusting the tops of cabinets and lights, to washing the cupboards, and countertops. Then clean the baseboards and floors, this will ensure your time and energy does not go to waste.

Beginning on the top floor of your home and working your way down towards the main floor will ensure that you only make one trip down to take out the garbage – A small victory.

Divide and Conquer:

Asking family members for help and assigning tasks is the best way to speed things up. Children as young as toddlers can take on some work, such as light dusting and cleaning up their toys.

Grouping rooms or tasks together can also help to speed up the process, for example – cleaning all the bathrooms at once – as you already have all the necessary cleaning supplies on hand.

Keep It Up:

Chances are, once you finish tackling this momentous chore you will be feeling pretty proud of yourself. Don’t let that feeling go to waste! Tidying and cleaning throughout the week or on weekends will ensure your hard work pays off long-term and your sparkling clean home will stay that way.

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