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Looking Forward: 2018 Interior Design Trends

Maybe you are looking to refresh your space for 2018, or just interested in a little design inspiration. Look no further! Below are a few of the up and coming design trends of 2018 for your home.


While a white kitchen will still reign supreme, expect to see a lot of soft, muted neutral cabinetry tones. Think mossy greens, putty beige and barely-there blue with grey undertones. A great place to try coloured cabinetry is a powder room or kids’ bathroom, which are typically not used as much or can be considered a place to have fun with design!


Punchy, graphic tile is still a hit for this year. In past uses, it was typically relegated to the laundry room or mud room areas of the home but this year we will be seeing it used in much more impactful areas of the home – think kitchen backsplashes, walk-in showers and even fireplaces.

Bold Accessories:

With soft grey and neutral tones interiors still being the norm, interior living spaces are getting a breath of fresh air with dramatic and bold coloured couches. While dark, velvety green or millennial pink are proving the most popular, try incorporating a dark navy sofa into the mix. This will still pack a punch but can also lend itself to more classic interior spaces.

The 2018 Pantone colour of the year is ‘Ultra Violet’, a vibrant purple hue. Colour psychology notes that purple is a colour of luxury and creativity. Purple pairs great with other jewel-toned colours, soft yellows and of course light grey.


Gone are the days when you choose or purchase something just for the look of it. Collectively society is moving towards longer lasting, more sustainable lifestyles, food, fashion and even home décor choices. So while that cream shag rug would look really pretty in the living room, a better investment may be the easy to clean and durable indoor/outdoor tight weave. And while hardwood flooring may have the history of being the more ‘upscale’ finish, investigating laminate and vinyl flooring as an option will be the better choice long term and the difference is barely noticeable to the eye.

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