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How to Enjoy More Quality Time With Your Family

Every week, we meet with new families who are excited to find a safe, active, and peaceful community in Alberta. Time and time again, they tell us that the reason they’re looking into our homes isn’t just that they want a better house, but that they feel like it’s time to start enjoying a more complete lifestyle.

For most of them, that means spending more quality time with their families, and especially with kids. That’s a challenge for most working people throughout Canada, but making time for your loved ones is always worth the effort.

To help you get more from every day, whether it’s in one of our communities or elsewhere, here are a handful of things you can start doing right now to enjoy more quality time with your family:

Emphasize Quality Over Quantity

Spending quality time with your family doesn’t necessarily have to mean spending every waking minute with them. Although it’s always nice to give them more hours, what really matters is that you’re pleasant, patient, and happy to be with them. Show them that you care, and that you aren’t distracted. Maintaining relationships with your loved ones isn’t just about putting in more hours, but connecting more during the hours you have.

Leave Work at Work

When it seems like you’re always at work, or thinking about work, it’s hard for your family to feel like you’re paying as much attention to them as you could be. So try to focus on leaving your work cares and concerns where they belong. Even if you have a home office, you can leave the anxieties you feel about your job behind when you spend time with your family. Put away your cell phone, and any lingering thoughts of work, when you’re finished for the day – your family will appreciate it and you’ll feel less stress.

Plan Small Adventures

As much as advertisers would love for you to think otherwise, spending “quality time” doesn’t have to mean taking a huge trip, going out for a fancy meal, or doing something extravagant. You can have just as much fun, and build a great memory, by camping in the backyard or attending an event in the park together. Planning small adventures takes the stress out of spending time with your family, and makes the time you spend together feel relaxed, rather than being part of a huge coordinated activity.

Give Everyone a Say

When it comes to planning, you and your spouse shouldn’t be the only ones with a say on where you go or what you do. Give your kids a bit of input, as well. While some of their choices might not be feasible, involving them in the decision-making process is a good way to get them involved, to teach them about compromises, and even to learn about new things. With the right chance, your kids might surprise you with their choices and suggestions.

Spend Time, Not Money

Sometimes, the most fun you’ll have all week is throwing a Frisbee to your dogs or chasing your kids around in the backyard. Anything that leads to fun, a little exercise, and a few laughs is a great way to blow off steam and encourage family bonding. Being with your loved ones doesn’t have to involve splashing the cash, and in fact you can often have a better time for free than you can trying to manufacture a memory by splashing a big portion of your paycheck on an evening out.

It’s easy, when you get busy with work, bills, and obligations, to put off spending more time with your family. But the hours you spend enjoying yourself with them are the ones that make your life fulfilling. There will always be distractions in life, but never forget that kids grow up fast and opportunities slip away while we aren’t looking. Now is the perfect time to start enhancing the relationships you have with your family and enjoying your life more.

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