Our Company

About Lamont Land LP

Lamont Land is a land developer with a well-earned reputation for doing things differently. Since 1991, we have been committed to innovative planning solutions, responsible land development and creating the best new communities for homebuyers of varying lifestyles and budgets. From our single-family neighbourhoods to our multi-family projects, our communities are thoughtfully designed to provide value, comfort and exceptional amenities where you can live, work and play for years to come.

Respecting People

Creating communities that enrich the lives of our homeowners is what drives us. It’s at the heart of everything we do. We know that great communities are not developed on paper, so we aren’t afraid to walk the dirt and get our boots dirty. For us, it’s not about how to get more lots in a community, but how to orient those lots so that homeowners have a view, sunlight on their patio, or back onto a green space. This hands-on approach enables us to build special places for you to live your best life, connect with others and find your sense of belonging.

Respecting Land

Sustainable land development is intrinsically tied to our core values. We believe in doing the right thing. This inherent respect for the land we transform enables us to create communities responsibly, whether we are preserving green spaces for homeowners to enjoy or building homes around a natural wetland habitat. Our respect for land and people is what defines us. We are stewards of the land and our communities are developed with integrity and purpose to benefit the families that call them home.

Our Core Values:

At Lamont Land we are committed to creating the best new communities to call home, building a better future and making a positive impact wherever we do business. We do that by staying steadfast to our core values – Respecting Land & People.

We are committed to innovative, tailored solutions that result in responsible and sustainable land development.

We thoughtfully create communities that offer homeowners choice, value and exceptional amenities for different life stages and budgets.

We act with passion, integrity and accountability. We are committed to sound business ethics and collaborative partnerships.

Based on a corporate culture of mutual respect, we strive to enhance the lives of our homeowners, employees, partners and community.

“My biggest takeaway from economics is that the past wasn’t as good as you remember, the present isn’t as bad as you think, and the future will be better than you anticipate.”

Gerry Lamont
Vice President & Owner
Lamont Land