It was 1994 and Millrise Meadows was Lamont’s first subdivision. Many of the progressive land development practices that Lamont is well known for were first implemented in this community. The original zoning for this community was for industrial usage, but Lamont Land campaigned passionately for changing the usage to residential. Why? Lamont Land understood that future transportation planning near the community – the light rail transit system – would make Millrise Meadows a convenient place to live for commuting homeowners.

Lamont also understood that the community’s proximity to Fish Creek Park – and its recreational opportunities – made it an ideal location for new homes that provided residents with access to natural amenities they could enjoy. In 1994 this was considered “out-of-the-box thinking”. Today, over 87 families call Millrise Meadows home and enjoy the benefits and a vision pioneered by Lamont Land in the early years.