In 1997, when others said it couldn’t be done, Lamont Land took a different approach to Bridlewood Creek. The area located in South West Calgary was considered by many to be a 12-acre slough. The words “wasteland” and “undevelopable”, were often used to describe what Lamont Land considered to be a worthwhile challenge.

Instead of bringing in heavy machinery and filling in the “problem”, Lamont Land enhanced it. By constructing an ample water supply from storm rains and preserving the area as a natural habitat for birds, frogs, and many other native species – it became a protected natural wetland. The first project of its kind in Calgary – it brought life and awareness to the responsibility that developers have regarding environmental stewardship.

Today in Bridlewood Creek, there are 225 homes nestled around a fully integrated urban wetland amenity. Designed and developed within the City’s boundaries, it acts as both a stormwater retention and management facility, and a natural park area providing wildlife habitat and that residents can appreciate.