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3 Easy Ways To Refresh Your Work-From-Home Space

With the rise of hybrid workplaces or working full time from home, you may be feeling a little sick of your workspace. Below are a few tips to easily hit the re-fresh button and breathe new life into your space.

  1. Before you do any sort of refresh or re-decorating, make sure to give your space a big declutter; piled up paper, empty pens and highlighters, old coffee cups – all of it! Create the clean, blank slate your space needs.
  2. Self-awareness: Give some thought to what inspires you creatively, and to focus? Is it lots of natural light, or do you crave a darker cozy workspace? Do you thrive with music in the background, or do you need peace and quiet to focus? Maybe looking at family photos and natural plant life gets your creative juices flowing. Whatever it is, be sure to introduce those things into your space.
  3. Make it comfortable! Many of us spend hours at a time in the exact same position. Ensure you have an ergonomic setup to support your body for these long stretches of time. Bring in some cozy blankets and slippers (Shh! No one will notice on zoom calls) to take advantage of the work from home life.