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Tips For Getting Your Outdoors Ready For Spring


As the snow starts to become a distant memory, it’s a good time to check on last year’s outdoor and gardening tools. Is 2021 the year you finally splurge on a new lawnmower? Has your patio furniture seen better days?! Is everything in good condition, or are there items that need replacing? If so, make a list and head to the local hardware store! Best to get that done early before items are scarce.


Once your yard has dried out, you may find it’s a little lacklustre. To help things along, many backyards may require a little grooming in the form of de-thatching, aerating and fertilizing. Be sure to do a little investigating into your region and what type of pre-maintenance your grass will require for the best results.

Here is a link to the City of Calgary website to get you started: City of Calgary Lawn Care

Getting Ready

Now that your new patio set is on its way, you’ve cleaned up your beater of a lawnmower and your grass is seeded – what’s left? There are still many maintenance items you can work through to prepare for the sunny days ahead:

  • Power wash your deck, patio and siding.
  • Turn on your outdoor water sources.
  • Clean out last year’s kiddo toys & purchase some new ones (Chalk! Bubbles!).
  • Stock up on new compost bags (small and large).
  • Check expiry dates on last year’s sunscreen, and purchase new if needed.