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Back To School Tips For Extraordinary Times

Whether you’ve decided to homeschool or go back to school in person, there is no doubt that every parent will be trying to provide the best option for their family. As these are extraordinary circumstances, there are still a few things we can do for our children to the main certainty, routine and safe spaces.

Energy and Words Matter

While you may be dealing with uncertainty and lack of confidence with your decision and plans in your mind, remember that children pick up on energy and adult conversations very easily. For your benefit, be sure to discuss your hesitations or fears with your partner, friends and even teacher – but try to keep these conversations out of earshot from little ears, to avoid added stress or worry on the kids.

Comfort in Routines

Children thrive on routines, always being able to predict what is next best they can. If your child is returning to school this year, be sure to keep up some of the familiar traditions and routines that they could count on from years before. This may mean a special after school snack or breakfast, completing homework together at night – whatever it takes to create that comfortable & familiar feeling.

Practice Proper Hygiene Early

Many jurisdictions have decided to have school re-entry with the addition of face masks for kids and teachers. It’s always a good idea to get the kids used to seeing adults in masks, as well as wearing one themselves, ahead of returning to school. Start small, by wearing one around the house or quick trips to the grocery store and slowly increase the time of usage.

Practice proper handwashing techniques, as well as being aware of potential germy touchpoints, like swapping snacks at lunch or sharing school supplies.

Safe Spaces

Talk with your child, and let them know you are a safe space for them to come to, to share any concerns or questions they may have. Creating a network of trust around them will help ease them into the new school year.