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6 Ways To Stay Focused While Working From Home

Establish clear boundaries around working from home – this includes working hours. Some people may prefer to start their workday at 7 am, and others may start at 9 am. Ensure this is communicated to your team so that they are not trying to reach you outside of your established hours. Although you are home, that does not mean you are always available.

 Exposure to screen time while working at home is more prolonged, as we don’t have those social breaks or in-person meetings to break up the day. Creating tasks and to do lists on paper or jotting down meeting notes in your notebook while on your next zoom call will ensure you give your eyes a rest now and then from the constant screen time.

Dedicate a “work zone” separate from your “home” zone – don’t blend the two. Create the separation so you can easily leave work at the end of the day and shift into relaxation mode.

 Create a beautiful space that you enjoy being in while you work. Instead of the same office cubicle as everyone else, you have the perfect opportunity to dress up your workspace and make it uniquely you. Take advantage of being home, light a candle and rock out to your favourite tunes.

Minimize distractions. This means working in that dedicated workspace, instead of sitting in the kitchen staring at the dishes in the sink, or that pile of laundry in the corner that needs folding. Removing access to TV, and even social media will ensure your day is more streamlined and focused.

 Ensure you take breaks and get outside – nature acts as a reset button for the brain and will ensure better focus when you return to your desk.