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How To Stay Connected With Loved Ones While Physical Distancing

With the uncertainty surrounding the length of time we are all required to physical distance and self-isolate, nothing is more important than staying connected to Community, Friends, Family and yes – even Coworkers during this time.

Below are some tips on how to stay in touch and remain connected during this unprecedented time.

Schedule a Weekly Call

Setting up a weekly video chat “date” with your fellow couple friends after the kids are in bed is an easy way to feel like you are getting some date nights in, as well as socializing with friends. Grab a glass of wine, beer and cheeseboard and get caught up on your latest Netflix binges. 

The same can be said for little ones. Setting up a daily or weekly call with family & friends can help them stay connected and socialized, as well as giving them something to look forward to.

Online Workouts

Can’t attend your weekly hot yoga class with your bestie? No problem. Just stream a free online class from your local studio at the same time, and video chat while doing so!

Video Chat Meetings

Most companies use a form of online meetings which also have a video chat feature. Sharing your screen, showing your face and in turn, your home in the background adds a personal touch beyond just a phone call. Feel free to show off your furry friends at home as well!

Spread Community Love

Get the kids to pitch in spreading community love and positive messages by filling the windows with their artwork & encouraging messages. Set up a weekly “scavenger hunt” for kids by choosing a theme and hanging art in the windows to match. Kids can then walk around the neighbourhood and see which houses are taking part.

Writing positive messages in chalk on the sidewalk or driveways is another way to show your community that we are all in this together.