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Plastic Free Tips For Life & Home

With the impending plastic shopping bag ban at many local grocers & retailers, it’s time to get prepared and start thinking about alternatives. Read on for a few simple tips to help reduce plastic waste and what to do & use instead.

Reusable Grocery & Produce Bags

Many retailers now offer reusable canvas bags and even lined tote boxes to load and store groceries. You can purchase mesh produce bags online & in-store – even better, why not skip bagging your produce altogether? Do those avocados really need a bag of their own?!

Easily storing these bags in plain sight, preferably close to your door on the way out or in the garage near your car, will ensure you don’t forget your bags at home!

Food Storage & Plastic Wrap Alternatives

Plastic storage containers can easily be swapped for glass jars. Your local dollar store has a huge selection of glass storage jars if you are on a budget. Bulk Barn also has a large selection (not to mention the added benefit of buying food in bulk!).

 Local artisans and small online shops have been making beeswax wraps, a reusable alternative to plastic cling wrap for food storage. These are also simple to DIY should you want to try your hand at it – simply made from fabric scraps & beeswax!

Coffee Travel Mug from Home

Bringing your travel mug from your home to your local coffee shop is an easy way to reduce plastic (and paper) waste from day to day.