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Simple Ways to Get your Kids Helping With Chores

There are many benefits to having some helping hands around the house, but how do you get your children actively involved in something that might seem too tedious and boring?! Read on for a few tips on simple ways to get those kiddos involved in the cleanup time.

Make it Fun!

This one seems obvious, but you’d be surprised by how often fun with chores is overlooked for the stern ‘go clean up your room’. Creating simple games, like setting a timer and seeing who can pick up most toys by the time the buzzer goes, is a great way to get kids interested and excited. Inventing a silly song to sing while cleaning can also make time go faster.

Let Them Choose

Giving kids the choice of what their chores are can also help them get excited. Some children LOVE helping with laundry and pushing the buttons (with parents’ help), while others enjoy sweeping the floor and feeding the dog. By letting your child express what they are interested in, you can guarantee a lot less grumbling.

Lead by Example

Often times cleaning up can seem daunting to a child, who just sees a huge dump of Lego on the floor. They may not even know where to start! By showing the child where everything is supposed to go, and putting away a few items yourself, you are setting the example. Not complaining about your own to-do list will also speak volumes, as those little ears are always listening!

Reward System

Allowances are a really great way to teach older kids money management skills, but for the younger years, you can get away with simpler rewards like sticker charts, little treats or even a movie once tidying up is complete.

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