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Getting In The Spirit – Alternatives For The Holiday Season

Are you looking for a little twist on the norm for gift giving this season? Or perhaps wanting to start a new tradition this year? Read on for three simple ideas to incorporate into your Holiday Season that will warm your heart and give back to others in need.

Reverse Advent Calendar

The idea is simple. Instead of purchasing an advent calendar and opening a special treat for yourself every day, you set aside a box in your house and every day fill it for something intended for someone else. This could look like donations for the local charitable thrift shop, or even canned goods from your pantry to make its way to the local food bank.

Charitable Gifting

As an alternative to purchasing gifts for family and friends, you can make a donation in that person’s name to a local charity. Bonus points if the charity is something close to their hearts or matches their interests. For example, is your vegan sister passionate about animal rights? Donate to your local pet recovery and animal shelter.

Food Bank Collection

The holiday season means hosting many meals and events, which in turn can mean bringing or receiving hostess gifts. If you are the one hosting this year, encourage everyone to bring canned or dry goods as a hostess gift and set up a large box near your front door. Sharing a meal at home with loved ones will now mean that others in the city will get to share in food as well.