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Capturing & Preserving Memories

It’s a common saying; “The days are long, but the years are short”. What better way to capture and preserve those memories than photographs! Any parent with squirmy babies or busy toddlers knows that isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Read on for a few simple tips on taking better photos with kids.

Get on Their Level

Sometimes the best photographs are ones where you are down at their level (ie: the floor), and not taking photos directly from above.

Get in the Shot!

There is a reason that the self-timer button exists. Choose a moment such as craft time, story time or even baking with each other to get in the shot. Years from now, your children will love seeing photos with you in them.

Let Them Be Little

If you are trying for a ‘staged’ family-style picture, it may be easiest to go the candid route instead. Taking photos in a natural setting, such as a park, pathway or lake is a great way to keep your child busy while taking some adorable photos of them running around or throwing rocks.

Do a Dry Run

Sometimes forcing a kid to take a photo in their ballet or baseball outfit minutes before the action starts is a lot of pressure. Do a dry run instead! A week or a few days before, dress ‘em up and snap a photo! This creates a much more relaxed atmosphere and can help save time the day of as well.

Don’t Capture Every Little Thing

That’s right. Sometimes the most precious memories are the ones sans iPhone. So put away the camera, relax and enjoy the moment!

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