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Backyard Bliss: How To Create An Outdoor Area You Love

Creating a backyard oasis that you truly love to spend time in can seem daunting. Where to start? What plants do I plant? How do I maintain them? If this sounds familiar, you are in the right place. Read on for a few tips on how to create your Backyard Bliss.


This is the easiest place to start, deciding how much or how little maintenance you are willing to commit to will set the tone for your backyard space.

High Maintenance:

If you are a gardening enthusiast this will be reflected in the number of plants, flowers & pots you have in your yard. Perhaps even a veggie garden! It will also be reflected in the amount of grass you have (while cutting grass can be fun, it is still a chore to be kept up).

Low Maintenance:

If a low maintenance backyard is more your jam; consider hardscaping materials, such as stone, mulch and gravel instead of sod. Artificial grass, while expensive, really helps a yard look amazing and has a very low time commitment.

Somewhere in Between:

AND, if you are new to having a backyard but still want to dip your toes in, try your hand at creating a few flower pots and hanging planters. Maintaining these smaller arrangements will be a good test of how able you are to maintain the area.


Function also plays a huge role in how much you will enjoy and love your outdoor space. You will need to consider how you see yourself using the yard. Whatever your envision is, keep with it when planning your yard design.

Questions to ask yourself: How do you envision the space? What needs do you (& your family) have?


  • A large grilling and eating area would be amazing so I can host weekly BBQ dinners with friends and family!
  • My high energy kids really need a play area to escape to when I need a break or some downtime.
  • Reading outdoors in the park is one of my favourite pastimes. What if I could re-create that in my own backyard?!

Remember to have fun with it and make your outdoor space an extension of your home that mimics your personality.