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5 Simple Self-Care Rituals to Practice at Home

Self-care is generating quite the buzz lately, and it’s easy to see why. Between balancing work, family, friends and our own hobbies, it can easily leave people feeling overwhelmed and burnt out. Before hitting that point, remember to take a few minutes or a few hours to yourself to hit that reset button.

Read on for 7 simple ways you can incorporate ‘Self Care’ into your routine at home.

Gratitude Journal

Before bed every night, or first thing in the morning, write down one thing (or person, memory, thing, etc.) that you are grateful for today.

Stretch it Out

Yoga has many health benefits and incorporating a few easy stretches in the morning before getting out the door will set the tone for the day.

Wake up Early

Yes, you read that right. Waking before the rest of the world, or household will provide a little quiet time to sip your morning coffee while scrolling through Instagram in peace.

Essential Oils

Scent is proven to have a strong effect on people. Just the smell of coffee brewing in the morning is enough to get our day going. Try diffusing essential oils such as citrus for a mood booster, or lavender for a calming effect.

Breathe In, Breathe Out

Much like yoga, or any fitness activity for that matter, mindful breathing immediately slows your heart rate and creates a Zen-like experience. This is particularly true for tension from anxiety. Sitting in a quiet space, take a deep breath. Hold for 4 counts, and release for 4 counts. Guaranteed you will be feeling calm and collected.

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