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A Place To Call Home – Benefits Of Townhome Living

Having a difficult time choosing which style of home might be right for you? No wonder, when there are so many to choose from! In this post, and the next few to follow, we will be highlighting the best features and benefits of the most popular housing styles out there. 

Read on below for some of the best reasons to purchase a Townhome:

It Will Save You Money:

Yes, that’s right – save you money! Liberty Landing’s new townhome offerings do not charge monthly condo fees. That means more money in your pocket to put towards what matters most to you.

Private Yard:

Most condo complexes have only balconies, and very few have shared green spaces. With townhome living, you will have your own private yard – which means you can flex your green thumb and have a fun space to entertain come summer!

Sense of Community:

If living in a condo building with others gave you a sense of community, you do not have to give that up with living in row housing. With the homes being attached to either side, your neighbours are still close by and ready to lend you a cup of flour at moment’s notice.

Liberty Landing is a development focused on a sense of community and belonging – come discover the difference.