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A Place To Call Home – Benefits Of Duplex Living

So, you want to buy a home, but you are not sure which type will best suit your needs? Look no further! In our previous post, we looked at a few benefits of owning a townhome. Next up is the Duplex style home.

Read on for a few reasons why Duplex living might be the one for you:

Cost Savings:

Duplex style homes offer many of the same luxuries as a single family home, but with some cost savings. As these homes are attached on one side, the lot is slightly smaller and you end up paying a bit less. If you don’t mind sharing a wall with a neighbour, this is a good option for you!

Reputable, quality builders ensure the homes are built to the highest standards, including a thick ‘party’ wall with sound insulation separating the two homes.

Room to Grow:

Some Duplex owners opt to purchase both sides of the home, opening endless opportunity and possibilities! Think rental income, Air BNB vacation rental or a joint office space to name a few.

Spot the Difference:

Duplexes can be a really great way to test drive home ownership without committing to a full sized single family home. You still get the benefits of single home living – private yard, garage, larger living spaces – without all the commitment of a larger single-family residence.