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Preventing Winter Hazards Around the Home

With the seemingly never-ending cold weather and March forecasted to be record-setting snow amounts in Alberta, this causes potential issues and hazards around the home. Read on for tips on how to guard and protect your home against the winter season.

Snow & Ice Removal

Snow and ice buildup on your property can not only pose a hazard to your family but to others as well. The key is to keep on top of the work, getting outside to clear the snow right when it falls – not days after. This will cut down on the amount of ice buildup that happens when walking or driving over fresh snow. If your driveway or walkway does have ice, ensure that you lay salt or gravel to help cut down on the slippery factor. Be diligent, and keep your environment safe.

Ice Damming

While icicles on a roof may paint a pretty winter scene and create some fun for the kids, this is flagging a larger, more serious problem. Homes need air flow to ventilate, and ice damming on roofs will cause issues over time. These issues could range anywhere from damaging shingles & sheathing to creating a back up of water that gets into the home. Ensure you work with a reputable builder who properly designs with Alberta climate in mind, or contact a local roofing company to inspect your home.

Furnace Service

Keeping up to date on your furnace maintenance is a great way to stay on top of potential hazards. There is nothing like waking up in a cold home with no heat! Servicing your furnace every 1 to 3 years, as well as regularly changing out old filters will help keep your furnace running in top shape. It’s a good idea to double check and know your warranty, should you be in a newer home or have a contact ready in case of emergencies.

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