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Meal Planning Tips

Stuck in a rut? Bored with your weekly rotation of dinner recipes? Just looking for a better way to be organized?  

Check out the below for motivation on finding your meal planning groove again.

Host a Recipe Swap

Invite your besties over for a dinner potluck and recipe swap. Have everyone cook and bring their favourite meals and host a taste test, recipe swap included. Bonus points for recipes that the entire family will eat!

Online Inspiration

Recipes don’t always have to come from a cookbook. Checking out recipes on Pinterest, free cooking blogs or Instagram will give you ideas for meals without having to purchase anything to do so.

Meal Planning Apps

There are a ton of handy apps for your tablet or phone that can import and organize recipes in a day to day breakdown. You can save favourite recipes from the web and use those to create a grocery shopping list. Talk about easy!

Next Level Meal Planning

If you want to take organization & documentation to the next level, try your hand at creating a spreadsheet of all your most-loved recipes in one. Randomly generate weekly meal plans from your own database. This guarantees you are always making a favourite but takes the guessing game out of it.

Using an online photo album app is another great way to create a homemade cookbook of all your family’s favs in one place!