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4 Simple Ways to Give Back this Christmas

It’s easy to get caught up in the busy-ness of the holiday season. So many people to see, presents to buy and gifts to wrap! Instead of focusing on yourself and that giant to-do list, why not turn your attention outward to others this Christmas? Read on below for a few simple ways to give back this Christmas.


There are many others less fortunate than ourselves, and not just this time of the year. Why not set up a small budget for a reoccurring donation (think monthly) to spread throughout the year to some of your favourite charities. Another simple way to donate is to gather up your coins from throughout the year and hit the malls. There are plenty of Salvation Army volunteers and the kids will love putting the coins in the bucket and getting a candy cane in return.

Get the Kid’s Involved

It’s easy to get carried away with toys and gifts at Christmas for the little ones. This year, a few weeks prior to Christmas day, have a toy clean out day. Have the children round up some older, less used toys for charitable donations. It will help teach them the spirit of giving and clear the house for the presents to come.

Special Visits

This can be a tough time of year for some people, especially those who aren’t around family or are in a home. Try visiting and spending some time at a senior’s home or even college campus. Bonus points if you bring little homemade ornaments or home-baked goods to share with others. Another special place to visit is your local food bank. They are in constant need of volunteers to help sort and hand out food.

Say Cheese!

The simplest way to give back this year is just by spreading some Christmas cheer! Smiles are free and the best gift of all is that of a happy attitude!

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