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Snow Removal Tips And Tricks

With our first full dump of snow already arriving here in Alberta, we have all begrudgingly pulled out our shovels and gotten to work. This chore isn’t something that has to leave you feeling sore or annoyed. Read on for a few helpful hints for the next time you gear up and get outside.

Gear Up: 

Proper attire is key. Shoveling snow is no joke, and it takes a lot of time. Especially so if you have a corner lot that requires some extra attention. Outfitting yourself in proper winter gear is essential to staying comfortable – think toque, thick gloves and heavy-duty snow boots for added traction.

Maintain Your Shovel: 

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to shovel heavy snow with a ten-year-old shovel or using one with chips and cracks in it. Make sure you update your winter shovel every couple years to avoid heavy wear and tear.

Stretch it Out: 

Anyone who has performed this chore after a huge snowfall knows what a workout it puts your body through! Make sure to avoid any strains by stretching beforehand and using an ergonomic shovel. Always lift with your knees, and not with your back, to avoid any muscle strain.

Best Route: 

If shovelling your driveway, make a clear path down the middle first and work towards the road. This creates a clear path for you to walk on, so the snow does not compact and get icy. Avoid walking or driving on an un-shovelled driveway, which will only make the snow harder to remove later. Don’t forget the sidewalks…and your neighbour’s sidewalks while you’re at it! Easily a simple way to spread a little cheer around the neighbourhood.

Just remember…the longer you put it off, the worse it’s going to be. So, gear up, get out there and get to work! Your spouse and neighbours will thank you for it!