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Readying Your Home’s Exterior for Fall

Here in Alberta, our home’s exterior tends to take a bit of a beating due to our longer cool months. Taking the time to protect and prepare one of your largest life investments will pay dividends in the future. If you are a new home owner or a seasoned vet, read on for a few tips to get you started on readying your home’s exterior for fall.

Batten Down the Hatches

Remember any cool spots or drafts from last Fall & Winter? Now is a good time to walk around your home and take note of any exterior caulking that needs to be re-done. Local companies are available for in-home testing of heat loss, which can also save on those monthly heating bills.

Packing Up the Summer Fun

Getting ready for the colder climate can also extend to other areas of the home – notably lake life “toys”. Don’t forget to book maintenance appointments to prepare your watercraft or RVs for storage. This also extends to literal toys – Swapping out any summer kids toys like Bikes, sprinkler sets and chalk.

Lawn Maintenance

Fertilizing in the early fall months ensure your lawns survival over winter, and healthy revival come spring. Be sure to discard of or compost any dead plant life, prune and trim bushes and trees. If you have more mature trees, keep on top of raking and bagging leaves.

Turn Off the Water

Pipes can easily freeze in the winter, which can mean bad news if you don’t turn off the outdoor water. Ensure all exterior water taps are turned off. If your home has a built in irrigation system, hire a local company to blow out the sprinkler heads and get them ready for next spring.

Deck & Patio Spaces

Covering outdoor furniture will ensure that your summer hang out spot can be enjoyed for years to come. Clean off any unwanted debris, such as leaves and old plant life. Bring in décor items like pillows and outdoor rugs for storage, as the cooler months do more harm than good. If you have air conditioning, investing in a cover for the top will ensure no unwanted debris (or animals!) get inside.

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