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Beating Back to School Chaos Organizational Tips for Families

Transitioning from summer break to the early mornings of the school year can be a bit tricky and can take some time getting used to. While almost everything gets easier with time, a little nudge in the right direction might prove helpful in beating back to school chaos. Read on for some school year organization tips to beat the morning (and evening) rush!

Early Bird

The early bird catches the worm…and gets to school on time! Waking yourself and the kids up at least ten to fifteen minutes earlier than what you expect will help in giving a little bit of wiggle room for any unexpected mishaps. As the school year goes on, wake up times can be adjusted if all is going smoothly.

Set It and Forget It

Picking out and laying down outfits the night before will allow kids to easily dress themselves in the morning. This practice gives parents more time to get ready, or actually sip warm coffee, as well it helps the kiddos gain confidence and independence. The same is true for packing up homework and putting out shoes and coats the night before. Just set it and forget it (until morning!).

Meal Planning

Meal planning is easily the most time-consuming thing a parent or caregiver can undertake.  But, this task is one that will pay off all week long! Picking out dinner recipes, grocery shopping and even putting together after-school snacks in advance will ensure no one goes hungry or are left scrambling for something to eat. For dinners, aim for easy recipes 30 minutes and under. Fall is the perfect time to break out the slow cooker!

Make a List and Check it Twice

Creating a list of morning and after school tasks for your children makes it easy to communicate responsibilities. While some smaller kids do not have a grasp on time, setting a timer to a task can help in understanding the concept of minutes and time. There are many different kinds of calendars online that you craft or buy to help organize everyone’s time and activities.

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