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How to Throw a Memorable Backyard Party

If you are trying to make the most of your summer break and want to create some fun memories – why not host a memorable backyard party? Read on below for some tips on how to create a memorable get together that people will be talking about all summer long.

Set the Tone

Think of all the cliché summer backyard BBQ items and run with it! Checkered tablecloths, paper lanterns, hot dogs, popsicles, slip and slide – you name it. Nothing is off the table when it comes to hosting a summer-themed party.

Kids Zone

Having some toys available for the mini party guests will help keep boredom at bay, and allow the adults to play! A wading pool, water balloons or sprinkler are all popular hot weather activities. If you want to keep things dry consider activities like chalk, kites or a fun competitive game of soccer.

Mini Stations

Create some cute ‘stations’ for foods and drinks, so that no one has to ask for some water or a second helping of food. This will help to leave you free time to socialize and enjoy the night. Place utensils in mason jars for easy grab and go. Stock up on disposable biodegradable plates and napkins for cleaning ease.

Try dessert stations for the kids. Such as an ice cream and toppings table or an adult beverage station stocked with delicious summer drinks.

Backyard Seating

Chances are that you won’t have enough chairs or seating for everyone in attendance. No matter! Ask everyone to BYOC- bring your own chair, or throw down a few blankets on the lawn to create a casual summer vibe.

Summer is all about having fun outside with your friends and family.  Planning ahead will ensure you are able to enjoy your company at your memorable backyard party.

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