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Built to Last: The Best Home Finishes for Pets and Kids

Chances are when you purchased or built your new home, you didn’t realize how much damage could be done by your favourite pup or bundle of joy. Luckily, there are plenty of innovative and easily accessible home finishes that will help your home stand the test of time….and toddlers. Make sure your home is built to last with these suggestions below:

Hardwood – Not Really Hard at All:

A common misconception is that hardwood is the best flooring choice for your home. This material is often thought of as ‘higher end’ as it is a natural material, but not much consideration is given to the durability of this natural material. One of the most popular hardwood choices in new homes is Maple, which is quite soft and is scratched very easily by furniture, pets, and even toys. Luckily, hardwood can be sanded down and stained a few times if you don’t mind the maintenance.

A great alternative is a laminate or vinyl flooring is built to last. These amazing manmade materials mimic natural wood, but you also get more flexibility with the designs, colourways and plank widths. Much of the barnwood looking flooring you see on Pinterest are laminate. As these are both man-made, they can be found in commercial grade (read: super hard to scratch or dent) and also have antibacterial finishes – which is important when your one-year-old is eating cheerios off the floor.

Thermofoil Cabinetry:

Another alternative to the more common stained wood cabinets you see in Kitchen and bathrooms is Thermofoil. These cabinets are made from MDF substrate, with a ‘film’ finish that is applied to high pressure and heat to bond the two materials together. The result is an extremely durable and easy to clean finish. This is a great choice if you love the look of a white kitchen, without all the hairline cracks and stains that can happen with a painted finish.

Carpet & Underlay:

We all love the feel of a soft, plush carpet underfoot but what makes it that way? A higher grade, or pound, of underlay creates that walking on air feeling underfoot. As underlay is not something we ‘see’, it is not always a finish we think of upgrading – BUT it is one of the most important items to attribute to carpets longevity. Some carpet underlay also comes with Stain guards built in for accidents…pets and sippy cups beware.

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