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Creating a Work From Home Environment

With more people starting their own home businesses or gaining flexibility from employers to work from home, creating a space that supports success has never been more important.

Here are a few easy tips to boost your productivity and environment while working from home…

Designate a Workspace

While working on your laptop from the comfort of your couch is comfortable, it’s not always the most productive or healthy. Designating a work area, whether it’s a small corner of a room or an entire dedicated second bedroom, it will help you to remain focused.

Having a proper desk and chair will help assist you in decreasing any back pain or shoulder strain. It will also help to separate the ‘home life’ from ‘work life’, and limit distractions such as laundry or chores around the house.

Let the Sun Shine In

Take advantage of being at home and create that sunny corner office with a view!

Sunshine and vitamin D are known to boost moods and happiness. If you are in a good mood, a boost in productivity is likely to follow.  Opening the windows and having a plant nearby will also keep your workspace from feeling like a sterile cubicle.

Work From Home – Break Time

While working from home has many benefits (no commute or bagged lunches), it can also get a little lonely and isolated. Don’t forget to create a few mini breaks throughout the day to recharge and reconnect. This can mean browsing social media, phoning up a friend or taking a quick walk down to your local coffee shop to chat with neighbours.

Working from home can be hard with all the distractions of home, but if you follow these tips, it will help assist you in being more productive with your day. Remember it is about work-life balance; get your work done, but take time for yourself as well!

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