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Getting the Nursery Ready to Bring Baby Home

Welcoming home a new addition from the hospital is one of the most exciting family experiences, whether you are first time parents or seasoned pros.  In the early months there are plenty of late nights and crack of dawn mornings spent in the nursery, so creating a cozy environment for all should be kept in mind when decorating the nursery. Here are some ideas for getting the nursery ready to bring baby home!

Calm & Soothing vs Bright and Stimulating

There are differing decorating opinions when it comes to choosing colors and décor for nurseries. Some say that a bedroom is a place of rest, and in turn calls for soothing neutrals and lighter tones. Although, others say that high contrast and bright colors are best for newborns eyesight and stimulation. Such as black, white and pops of yellow. Whichever route you decide to go, have fun with it! Nurseries and kids rooms are the perfect excuse to let loose and not take décor too seriously.

Making ‘Scents’ of It All

A baby’s sense of sight develops slowly over the first year, which is why relying on all senses is equally as important. Use a natural oil diffuser with lavender for a sense of calm smell before nap and bed times. Layer in multiple textures in the room to play up the sense of touch. Try satin lined blankets for cuddling or a fuzzy area rug for tummy time.

Room to Grow

Selecting good quality window furnishings, solid wood furniture and a study rocking chair in neutral colors or simple, classic patterns will ensure those items will stand the test of time and grow as your child grows from baby to toddler to teen. Leave the ‘of the moment’ décor items to bedding, pillows, area rugs, wall decor and lamps. These are easy to switch out over the years to suit your child ever growing personality and opinions!

Sleep? What Sleep?

As any parent will tell you, sleep (or lack thereof) is one of the most talked about topics when it comes to babies. Dimmer switches or bedside lamps will create a soft glow for story time before bed. Hanging black out blinds & draperies will help teach a young child the difference between night and day. Just make sure you open them fully during playtime to enjoy all that sunshine!

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