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Getting Your Home Ready For Your Holiday Guests!

The holidays are the perfect excuse to gather those closest to us in celebration. This in turn, usually means anything from dinner parties to overnighters to weeklong house guests. If you are anticipating some short-term roommates in your near future, read on for a few tips on getting your home ready for your holiday guests and how to create a welcoming home and for the holidays.

Time Is of The Essence

With most companies granting a few days or a week off for the holidays, time is of the essence to spend it with those most important to us. Prepping your house for guests ahead of time will pay off in the long run and lower stress levels. Cooking and freezing meals ahead of time will also allow you to spend more time with those you love. Another great option is to have all the ingredients prepped and have everyone in the kitchen to help out, this is a great bonding moment and a fun way to pass down family cooking traditions.

Make a Personal Retreat for Your Guests

As much as we all love to gather, connect and enjoy each other’s company, there is also something to be said for personal downtime. Stocking the guest bedroom with small items like magazines & books will allow your guests to sneak away for some wind-down time every now and again to recharge their batteries.

Sharing House Secrets With Your Guests

There is nothing more frustrating when spending the night in someone’s house and repeatedly asking questions. Even worse – waiting until everyone in the house is up to enjoy a cup of coffee on that complicated espresso machine! Leaving a welcome note with items such as the wifi password, garage security code and coffee machine instructions will ensure the house (and house guests!) continue to run smoothly.

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