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Fall and Your Homes Exterior

The fall season is the perfect time to start getting your home ready for the upcoming winter. Our home exteriors tend to take a bit of a beating in our cool Alberta climate, so taking the time to protect and prepare one of your largest life investments will pay off in the long run.

Fall Fertilizer

Fertilizing in the early fall months ensures the survival of your lawn over winter and its’ revival come springtime.  This is also the perfect time to finish pruning and cutting off dead branches that may get weighed down by snow. Don’t forget the raking! This is one chore the kids may be happy to pitch in with and not to mention how fun it is jumping into the piles they have worked so hard on!

Turn Off the Water

Pipes can easily freeze in the winter, which means bad news if you don’t turn off the water. Ensure all exterior water taps are turned off. If your home has an underground sprinkler system, hire a local company to blow out the sprinkler heads and get them ready for next spring.

Pack Up the Toys

Getting ready for the colder climate can also extend to other areas of the home – notably Lake Life and Recreational “toys”. Book maintenance appointments and prepare your watercraft, RV’s and ATV’s for winter storage.

Winter Ready Your Deck

Now that you’ve created the perfect Backyard Oasis, don’t let it be affected by the harsh elements. Putting away seasonal items and covering outdoor furniture will ensure that your summer outdoor haven can be enjoyed for years to come.

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