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Creating a Backyard Oasis

Bringing the outdoors in is nothing new in home décor, but what about achieving an outdoor living area that acts as an extension of your usable living space? Here are a few simple fixes to create a backyard oasis that you will never want to leave.


If a fire pit isn’t your thing, try placing some Edison bulb string lights or outdoor LED candles around your deck to create a soft glow and easily transition your outdoor experience from day to night.


Create lush, leafy layers using a variety of plant life: Trees, shrubs, annuals & perennials. A great rule of thumb for container planting is to have taller plants (IE: grasses) in the back, followed by some low hanging or trailing plants in the front. This creates a great impact and balances the arrangement. Be sure to check plant labels for sun exposure and place accordingly!


This is easily achieved with mixing different materials, be it for landscaping or furnishings. Think creating contrast such as staggered flagstone with wispy grasses or a ceramic side table coupled with a wicker chair.


Add a Chaise lounge with plush pillows and cozy knit throws for those times when the sun starts to set and you just don’t want to leave your backyard. Accessorize with trays to corral drinks & snacks. You can even add in some cute wicker baskets filled with reading material.

Pop of Colour

Creating a living space outdoors gives you more opportunity to experiment with colour. If you don’t love it, change it out next year! Add in pops of colour using planters, flowers and accessories.

There are a lot of great ideas on how to make your outdoor space more of an oasis. Remember to have fun with it and make your outdoor space an extension of your home and fill the space with flare that mimics your personality.

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