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Springtime & Your Home’s Exterior

Spring is a great time for cleaning, making repairs and adding some curb appeal to your home’s exterior. Once the snow has gone, it’s nice to get out and revive your home’s exterior with a little TLC, start with a walk around your property to take note of different issues that may have surfaced during the winter months.

Cleaning the Home

When cleaning the home, it’s always good practice to start at the top and work your way down. Start by cleaning any debris off your roof; this will give you a chance to make sure all your shingles are in good shape. It would be a good time to make sure your gutters are cleaned out and the downspouts are clear. Now that the roof is clean and clear, move down to the windows. Clean the inside and outside of the windows; clean out the window tracks and take the screens out to wash them. This will ensure all the winter dust and dirt are out of the windows. If you have a power washer, it would be a good idea to power wash your decks, siding, and driveway to give them a revitalized look.

Appliances Around the Home

It’s a good time to make sure you have all your home appliances in good working order. Check your dryer’s exhaust pipe and make sure all the lint is cleared out. Clean your ceiling fans to remove the winter dust and allergens. Switch your fans in the home to spin counterclockwise, so the air flow will blow downward in the warm temperatures. It’s always good to have a professional come and look at your AC and heating systems to make sure everything is in working order.  You can help out the professional by making sure you have cleared any debris and leaves from your AC condenser unit outside.


Check your garden tools, including your wheelbarrow, make sure they are sharp and clean; also, check the gas and oil in your lawnmower. Prepare your flowerbeds and sort your seeds or plants, so they are ready to be planted once the warm weather arrives. Most important for lawn care, wait until the soil has thawed and is dry! If you notice you have snow built up in an area of your lawn, help it melt by spreading out the pile of snow. Rake up the old leaves and dead grass from the winter; this will help the air flow and start the new growth process. It’s good to aerate in the fall, but if you miss the fall aeration in the spring is the next best time. Aerating is great to reduce soil compaction, controls thatch, stimulates new root growth and improves overall filtration. Reseed any bare spots. Fertilizer is more for the fall in our region, if you missed fertilizing in the fall, you can do a couple light applications in the spring.

Spring has sprung and with these few tips, you will have your home’s exterior looking fresh and ready for the summer season.

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