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7 Great Uses for a Spare Bedroom

As a general rule of thumb, it’s a good idea to buy a slightly bigger house than you currently need, if only because things can change in the future and it’s better to have extra space in your home than it is to need more and not be able to find it.

Besides, having a spare bedroom or two can make your home much more usable and valuable. To see why, here are seven common ways you can take advantage of a room that’s not currently in use:

Home Office

More and more of us are bringing work home these days, and having a dedicated home office can make it possible to get things done in relative peace and quiet. Plus, with a well-equipped home-office you can stay productive even if weather, illness, or other factors keep you from making it to your job.

Guest Room

One of the best parts of getting a new home is that you can choose to have family and friends come stay with you. A guest room is one of those investments that pays for itself time and time again, especially during holidays and special events when you want to be surrounded by loved ones.

Hobby Room

If you have a passion for things like crafts or music, having a dedicated space to enjoy your hobby can make it more enjoyable. It’s much more convenient to settle in and relax in a spare room than it is to dig equipment out of the closet, garage, or basement. Try having a hobby room for a few months and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without one.

Home Gym

Many of us want to be healthier, but can’t find the time to hit the gym on a regular basis. By bringing your equipment home, you take away the commute, eliminate the cost of a monthly gym membership, and ensure you can get a workout in even when the elements don’t cooperate. Plus, you won’t spend any time waiting for machines or equipment, so you can finish your exercise faster!

Home Theatre

If you love movies, but hate the high prices of tickets and concessions, home theater might be just what you’ve been missing. You might be surprised at just how comfy you can get in a spare bedroom, especially with the right sofa, television, and surround-sound system.

Play Room

Having a dedicated playroom for your kids gives you two big benefits. First, it provides you with a place to store toys, games, and even electronic consoles. Just as importantly, it also gives you a space where kids can play while you relax in peace and quiet for a few minutes when needed. That means less stress, easier cleanup, and more fun for you and your children.


Although using a spare bedroom as a storage space might not be the most creative idea, it can sometimes be the best one. If you have important equipment or documents that need to be in a dry, climate -controlled area, for example, a bedroom can be a better choice than a garage. And, at the very least you’ll save the driving time and monthly fees that would be wasted on a rented storage unit.

It’s always good to have a little room to grow in your home. That’s especially true if you think your family may grow in the future, that you’ll be doing more work out of the house at some point, or that you may have a relative who could come to stay with you for an extended amount of time. And don’t forget: while you’re waiting for that to happen, there are lots of fantastic things you can do with a spare room!

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