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5 “Hidden” Features That Make or Break a New Home

Most homebuyers have a list of wants firmly planted in their minds: they’re looking for a certain number of bedrooms, something with enough square footage, and a property that’s located in a great neighbourhood.

All of these are important criteria for anyone who is considering buying a house in Alberta, of course, but it’s worth noting that a lot of things that make you satisfied with the property years down the road aren’t the ones you’ll necessarily be considering when you’re looking through different listings. In other words, it’s tough to put a finger on some of the things you’ll want later when you’re touring different properties.

To give you a sense of what they might be, and help you find a new house that you’ll love living in, here are five “hidden” features that can make or break a new home:

#1: Affordability

Everyone knows that the price you pay for a home is a big deal, but affordability is something different. Basically, what we are referring to here is the amount of money you have left over each month after paying your mortgage and related bills. If you sit down and construct a budget, you’ll find that it’s amazing the difference in lifestyle just a couple hundred dollars can make. Keep that in mind and make affordability a big priority in your real estate search.

#2: The Commute to Work

In the same way that small amounts of money can add up pretty quickly, so too can little pieces of your schedule. If you drive half an hour to work, that’s a whole hour out of your day spent commuting. Increase that time significantly, and you’ll soon start to feel as if you’re spending as much time behind the wheel as you do on the job. Make the most of your day, and improve the quality of your life, by choosing a property within a reasonable distance to work.

#3: The Drive Time to go Anywhere Else

Although it’s not nearly as important as your commute, you should pay attention to the amount of time it will take you to drive anywhere else you want to go (like the supermarket, or to an area with local restaurants). The last thing you want is for a simple night out on the town to feel like a chore, so make sure your new home will have easy access to the areas and services you rely on most.

#4: Neighbours and Noise Levels

It’s hard to feel at peace in your own home if you’re constantly feuding with your neighbours or listening to noise coming from their houses and cars. In general, areas with families tend to be more calm and serene. So, if you’re looking to raise kids – or just enjoy a little peace now and then – be sure you’re looking at properties within areas that are known to be quiet and stable. Or, choose a growing community where like-minded parents are moving in.

#5: Quality Construction

This is one a lot of homebuyers don’t consider, but it’s a very important point nonetheless. The great thing about buying a new property is that it should be move-in ready. Check up on a builder, and their reputation for quality, before making a commitment. You want to know that they’re using good materials, and that you won’t be stuck fixing lots of items around the house later.

Buying a home isn’t just the most important financial decision most people will ever make, but also one that can have a big effect on your happiness. Remember that, and don’t settle for any property that doesn’t rate well based on these five important criteria.

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