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5 Ways to Make Your Child’s First Fishing Trip a Great One

Taking your son or daughter on their first fishing trip is a rite of passage for both of you. And it can give you a wonderful chance to not only build a memory that will last the rest of their lives, but also to establish a new hobby or tradition you can share together.

But sometimes the pressure to make your child’s first fishing trip “special” can actually make it harder to get the details right. So in order to help you plan – and to make the most of our beautiful Alberta countryside – here are five good tips for putting together a day of fishing with your son or daughter:

#1: Pick the Right Spot

Ideally, your first fishing trip would be to a spot that’s quiet, not crowded, and not too far from home. You want to be able to enjoy a peaceful day out with your child, not to have to angle and fight for parking spaces, wait in line to use a public restroom, or shout over nearby motorboats. Plus, kids are distracted easily, so finding a quiet place to go fishing makes it easier for them to focus on what you’re doing together.

#2: Don’t go Too Early

If you fish a lot, you might be tempted to wake up hours before dawn and hit your favourite spot to get there before it’s crowded. While that’s not a bad idea from a fishing point-of-view, it can also lead to grumpy, tired kids and ultimately end up ruining the experience for both of you. Getting up a little early is a good idea because it makes your fishing trip more of a special occasion, but rising too early after little sleep is a way to invite trouble.

#3: Make it About the Process, Not the Result

You might really want your child to catch something on his or her first fishing trip, but don’t worry too much about whether anything is biting. You can have a great time together either way, and teaching your son or daughter how to fish can be a lot of fun regardless of the result. For best results, visit a pond that’s regularly stocked with lots of small fish that are easy to reel in. It might not make for great trophies, but you’ll have a relaxing time.

#4: Tell Your Own Stories

Part of the fun of fishing with your kids is trading stories with them. Be sure to tell them about times you went fishing with your own parents or grandparents, and if it became a regular activity you enjoy together. Sharing your stories is a great way to show kids how they fit into the family, and that you’re teaching them something that was fun and important in your life.

#5: Take Lots of Pictures

Taking snapshots with a cell phone is easier than ever, and there’s a good reason to remember to do it during your first fishing trip: later, you and your child will be able to look back on the day, remembering the fun you had and the fish you caught. Fishing with your kids isn’t really about catching things, but having a great time with them and getting to interact with them away from video games and other day-to-day distractions. Remember to snap a few mementos for both of you.

You’ll always remember the first time you took your child fishing, and chances are he or she will, too. Take our advice, plan carefully, and enjoy the start of something fun and special!

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